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children in a child care facilityOur Prekindergarten Program instructs students for academic learning and provides a loving environment for social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth. During the course of a week, the students have kids Bible lesson time, Art, Science, Music and Library Day. The four and five year olds are educated using the Christian Light Education Curriculum. It is a complete curriculum composed of academically and morally sound materials that adhere to Biblical fundamentals. The curriculum is designed to excite yet challenge students.
With this curriculum, students to learn practical knowledge from a Biblical worldview The curriculum informs students of the world around them and far away, develops a sympathetic understanding of other cultures and backgrounds and fosters a strong identity with Christian beliefs while implementing the necessary requirements for a solid education. At Kingdom Care, five year olds will begin with the Kindergarten 1 set and progress to the Kindergarten 2 set. The curriculum can be viewed online here: https://www.clp.org/store/by_grade/1.

Tuition for four and five year olds is $250 weekly for 7am-6pm and $205 for 7am-1pm. Additional options are available including 2 or 3 days. Please call for details. Enrollment forms are available on the homepage. Tours available 6pm-8pm Sunday-Thursday or by appointment.