Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday | 7 AM to 6 PM | Call us today! 240-486–5079

We partner with families who are looking to enroll children full time or part-time in a learning environment for education via Zoom, in order for parents to concentrate on working/teleworking.

On site small groups meet 5 days a week and 3 days a week for a learning based environment, for participating in Zoom meetings with their school teachers. Kingdom Care hosts a learning atmosphere in the morning hours and an active enrichment program in the afternoons for the physical and mental development of children. 4 dedicated rooms serve the purpose of learning with 2 classrooms and 2 activity rooms. The program is overseen by Mrs. Kelly, who earned a homeschool teacher certification and Bachelor of Science in Psychology, with a concentration in learning styles and behavior of children. The teacher assistants have degrees in Social Work and Child and Family Studies.

In Response to COVID-19, we practice hourly hand washing, sanitize all surfaces hourly, keep belongings separate and safe in small lockers for each child and maintain a 1 teacher to 6 student ratio in both class learning rooms. Zoom tours are available for consideration, followed by evening individual family meetings for enrollment.

Operating hours 7:30am-5:30pm Learning/Zoom meeting hours: 8:45-11:45 Enrichment Activities 1pm-4pm